We Recently Refreshed Our Core Values. Here’s How We Did It

We initially defined HBM’s Core Values when we were getting the concept of HBM off the ground nearly eight years ago. Since then, HBM has added several operating companies, refined our strategy, updated our organizational structure, and incorporated learnings from our early experiences. It made sense to revisit our values and take a fresh look at who we are now.

We outlined two key goals at the start of the refresh project. First, it was important to HBM leadership that the creation of these values be employee-led and that we take a grassroots approach to decide what, if any, changes would be made to our values. Second, we needed fewer, more memorable values.

With those objectives in mind, we dove into the refresh research. We asked all HBM employees for their feedback and asked them three open-ended questions:

  • What from our initial set of core values was still important
  • What they do every day to create the culture we have
  • What they would miss about working at HBM if they were to leave

Another key outcome was to identify which values resonate sincerely for our team. We proposed a set of key values statements and everyone assigned points to the ones they thought were critical.  After consolidating the insightful feedback, we distilled the results into three straightforward values: Integrity, Relationships, and Results.  HBM’s updated core values are outlined below, framed as simple statements.

HBM Core Values

We act with integrity – always. We are honest, do the right thing, and hold ourselves to high standards.

We build relationships. Our people make the difference. We communicate openly, embrace differences, and act authentically.

We focus on results. We set high expectations, hold each other accountable, and execute our plans safely, simply, and with purpose.

Although some of our original values did not make the new list, their essence has been captured into our new values and will live on as part of our culture.

So, what’s next? Our commitment to bring these new values to life will be ongoing. We recently updated our website and other materials to reflect our updated values and will continue to incorporate them into our hiring and onboarding processes. We are also planning a video series that will highlight our team members and their reflection on these values.

We consider our values to be living, breathing and evergreen, so we will continue to do a “gut check” periodically to ensure the values remain relevant and reflective of who we are.