Tru-Flex, LLC Announces Bolt-on Acquisition of Sacoma International, LLC

ST. LOUIS, MO – (December 1, 2015) – Tru-Flex, LLC a privately-held company that manufacturers engineered exhaust decouplers (hyrdroformed bellows and interlock hoses) used in emission systems of commercial on-road and off-road vehicles, announces the acquisition of Sacoma International, LLC based in Edinburgh and Columbus, IN and Sacoma Machine & Tool in Madison, IN.

Sacoma is an engineering-focused lean manufacturing company with a wide range of design, fabrication and assembly capabilities.  The company primarily manufactures metal component modules for the automotive industry.  Sacoma has strong customer relationships with global leaders in automotive and heavy duty engine production.

Gregg Notestine, President and CEO of Tru-Flex, LLC said of the recent acquisition, “We’re really excited to have Sacoma as part of Tru-Flex.  Their employees’ manufacturing expertise in small volume stampings and assembly applications lines up well with our focus on low-volume, customized bellows and interlock solutions for our heavy-duty truck and other customers. We pride ourselves on being able to quickly provide customized solutions to our customers.  Sacoma has the same focus, so together we think that we can be the leader in providing bellows and interlock sub-assemblies to the marketplace faster than anyone else.” Tom Thornburg, Owner and President of Sacoma International, LLC will report to Gregg Notestine.

Download the press release (PDF).

About Tru-Flex

Headquartered in West Lebanon, IN, Tru-Flex is a leader in the design and manufacturing of stripwound interlocked, TFL-SSS and corrugated flexible metal hoses. Its product line spans across many industrial applications and flexible metal exhaust uses, with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations located all over the world. For more information visit