Our Long-Term Capital Approach

our-long-term-capital-approachWe are pleased to share our latest whitepaper, Our Long-Term Capital Approach.  In it, we have real-world examples of capital being deployed to make aggressive investments to capture the true potential of our businesses.

Our operating model is fundamentally differentiated from the traditional private equity approach.  We believe it is what helps us compete most effectively at the holding company level and within each of our portfolio companies as well.

Our strategy relies on a long-term vision, coupled with a patient approach that guides our decisions regarding capital deployment.  Because we hold our portfolio companies indefinitely, our companies become part of the HBM family and are built and nurtured for their long-term success.

We offer management teams incentives that mirror a more traditional PE exit in a pre-defined time period.  Coupled with our aggressiveness in deploying capital to harness the true potential of the business, most company owners and management teams see our model as superior.

Please feel free to share this with colleagues and clients who may be interested in this approach.  We would also welcome any thoughts you have regarding the whitepaper or our investment approach in general.