Our Fall 2017 Recruiting Schedule

Fall is one of our most favorite times of year when we have the opportunity to meet future HBM team members.

This August, we kick-off our on-campus visits at Indiana University Kelley School of Business. There, we’ll have the opportunity to speak with first and second year MBA students during a networking night and roundtable discussion.  At these events, we will introduce students to our culture that cultivates a team environment and develops employees to be their best. We will also touch on our patient capital approach to investing that allows our portfolio companies to execute on their long-term strategic plans given our buy & build approach. These two aspects of our operating model truly make HBM unique.

Next we will visit Washington University’s Olin School of Business, Purdue University Krannert School of Management and University of Virginia Darden School of Business for Meet the Firms, Master’s Career Fair and the GMO Forum respectively. Later this fall, Mike Decola, HBM’s CEO, will be participating in the Finance Platform Industry Seminar at Olin. A schedule of select HBM recruiting events can be found below.

This year we will be looking for both Summer Associates and first year Associates to add to our Corporate Development team.  Our program offers Summer Associates and first year Associates the opportunity to work on both strategic and operational projects for our portfolio companies that will have direct impact on our businesses.  Additionally, Associates will interact with senior leaders across HBM and our portfolio companies which creates opportunities for direct executive-level mentorship. You can learn more about our Accelerated Development Program in a recent blog post Preparing Tomorrow’s CEO: Our Associate Development Program, and also read first-hand testimony from one of our Associates, Adam Silver.

We look forward to meeting students this fall during our on-campus visits.  Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay updated on our visits and for an opportunity to win HBM swag.

For any questions, please reach out to Stacy Schlenk at smschlenk@hmbholdings.com or (314) 376-2553.


School Date Event
Kelley 8/23 & 8/24 Networking Night and MBA Roundtables
Olin 9/13 Meet the Firms
Krannert 9/14 & 9/15 Information session and Master’s career fair
Kelley 9/19 Networking Night
Darden 9/21 GMO Forum
Olin 10/3 Finance Platform Industry Seminar
Kelley 11/1 & 11/2 Kelley Kick Off: FY Networking Night & Mock Interviews