Manufacturing Through a Private Equity Lense: Live Webinar with ACG Middle Market Growth on June 1st 2017

MMGHBM’s CEO, Mike DeCola, and Tru-Flex’s CEO, Gregg Notestine, will be participating in a live webcast hosted by ACG Middle Market Growth at 2:00 p.m. EST on June 1, 2017.

They will be discussing the automotive aftermarket and how it is evolving amid new technologies and changing regulations.

Tru-Flex, a HBM portfolio company, is an original equipment supplier of flexible hoses for the heavy-duty trucking market and industrial customers. Given increased EPA regulations, Tru-Flex saw an opportunity to develop an on-road aftermarket segment.  With the backing of HBM’s strategic planning and long-term capital approach, Tru-Flex has made great strides in investing in this market segment.  Both HBM and Tru-Flex believe this will be a key long-term value driver for the business.

You will hear more about HBM’s long-term capital approach, which allows its portfolio companies to make larger, more strategically focused business decisions.  This is important for companies in the manufacturing industry specifically, as new markets and technologies are being discovered that will create efficiencies and value over the long-term.  In addition to providing capital to its portfolio companies, HBM provides other important tools such a human capital development, strategic planning and technology expertise.

Tune in to the live webcast on June 1st to hear Mike DeCola and Gregg Notestine discuss the automotive aftermarket and how HBM’s long-term capital approach can retool manufacturing.  You can register for the event by selecting the following link >