Ladies Who Lunch…and Lead: HBM Attends the Regional Business Council United Way Women’s Leadership Giving Annual Luncheon

As a member company of the Regional Business Council (RBC) for United Way, HBM was proud to participate in the annual Women’s Leadership Giving (WLG) Annual Luncheon in St. Louis. Over 200 women attended the event, including representatives from HBM, Mississippi Lime Company and Aerofil Technology, and together, they enjoyed a delicious spread and inspiring company.



Hosted on Friday, October 19th from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. at the Dennis & Judy Jones Visitor Center in Forest Park, attendees were welcomed by Kathy Osborn, President and CEO of the Regional Business Council. And alongside iced tea, goat cheese and apple salads and raspberry and blueberry tartlets, women heard a conversation on careers, leadership and philanthropy. The engaging remarks came courtesy of Penny Pennington, Principal of Client Strategies Group and Incoming 2019 Managing Partner of Edward Jones as interviewed by Ruth Saphian, Co-Chair of the RBC United Way Committee and St. Louis Office Managing Partner, Ernst & Young. Women’s Leadership Giving Initiative, Member of the RBC United Way Committee and CEO and Co-Founder of the Kelly Mitchell Group Cassandra Sanford also addressed the crowd.

The Regional Business Council prides itself on serving as an action-centered collective force that works to find solutions for the employees and residents of St. Louis. Altogether, the RBC represents 100 business leaders, and its member companies employ more than 120,000 and generate more than 65 billion dollars in annual revenue. The RBC knows the power of working together and members use that power and their voice to better the entire region.

In 2018, the RBC is focusing on five key areas of improvement: education reform, diversity and inclusivity in the workplace and community, talent and workplace development, public policy, and quality of life in the St. Louis area. In order to meet their objectives, the RBC is involved with everything from policies that drive economic growth to support community and philanthropic endeavors that improve the health and prosperity of citizens.

As a key fixture in the community, the RBC also partners with United Way of Greater St. Louis, supporting their initiatives, events and fundraising efforts to improve the lives of those who live and work in the area. United Way of Greater St. Louis serves 16 total counties in Illinois and Missouri, reaching a total of nearly 3 million individuals. The Annual Luncheon honored all of the women who have dedicated and donated their time, resources and expertise on many different areas of the organization’s efforts and HBM was proud to be a part of recognizing leaders making a difference.