Immersion Means Opportunity for HBM Associate

At HBM, our Associates tackle big and often ambiguous challenges. Even when the route is unclear, the best project outcomes happen when our Associates spend time on-site getting to know a business inside-out, when they collaborate across functions, and when they bring the right mix of creativity and rigor to problem-solving.

That’s exactly what HBM Associate JB Cromwell has done over the course of several assignments at Aerofil Technology – seamlessly providing value and becoming part of the team.

To cap off this hard work, we’re excited to announce that JB will be spending 2019 in an “immersion” assignment with Aerofil. It’s an exciting year to be all-in at Aerofil, as the company seeks new and innovative ways to attract customers and fill more products for more consumers – from flat tire fixes to personal care products to household cleaners.

JB will work full-time at Aerofil’s St. Louis-area facility. The year-long assignment is designed to allow him to build relationships both internally and externally and to work closely with Aerofil CEO Daniel Wright and other senior team members to lead and support key projects.

“I’ve learned a tremendous amount from the work I’ve done and the relationships I’ve built at Aerofil to-date,” said JB. “This assignment is an opportunity to build on that, honing my leadership and general management skills to make an impact at a critical time in Aerofil’s growth trajectory. I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and get started.”

Among the Aerofil efforts, JB is expected to lead or assist with are due diligence on potential acquisition opportunities and the launch of a new business line. We can’t wait to hear his year-end report and help him (and other HBM team members) map the right next steps for careers within our portfolio.

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