HBM Welcomes Doug Bolen to Lead Information Technology

Information Technology at HBM provides strategic-level support to our portfolio companies so the management teams have more freedom to focus on growth initiatives within their businesses. Recently, we welcomed Doug Bolen as HBM’s new Senior Director of Information Technology. In this role, he will work across the enterprise to find synergies and provide support for future due diligence and integration opportunities.

We sat down with Doug to learn more about his background and what he is looking forward to as he settles into HBM.

Doug, tell us more about your professional background.

I began my career working for the McDonnell Douglas Electronic Systems Company as a Test Engineer where I was first exposed to computer programming. I then took a job at Webster University in their Media Center where I could take advantage of their education program and completed a bachelor’s degree in computer science. I later got a master’s degree in management information systems from Lindenwood University.

My next opportunity was as the IT Director leading technology-related systems and ERP implementation at Integrated Furniture Solutions. That led to the founding of my own ERP consulting business serving a variety of companies.

After consulting with Smurfit Stone for 18 months I assumed the full-time role of IT Director, business applications.  Prior to joining HBM, I served as CIO at TricorBraun, a leading distributor and designer of ridged packaging.

What led you to HBM, and what interested you about the opportunity?

I was drawn to HBM based on its history of success along with the “hold and grow” approach to acquisitions.  The role of Sr. Director IT appealed to me because I can focus on identifying synergies across all the portfolio companies, and allow each portfolio company to focus on their unique and value-added process, systems and services.

How do you see yourself engaging across our businesses?

I am looking forward to partnering with the business leaders at HBM and the portfolio companies.  I’ll focus on quickly getting up to speed on all current projects and ensure that they are progressing as intended and achieving the desired results. I plan to visit as many locations as possible to increase my understanding of those businesses and get feedback on all existing projects. I want to ensure that these projects are meeting expectations and supporting future innovation and improvements.

What will you be focusing on in 2019 as you settle into your role? Any key priorities?

I will focus on the current in-flight projects like colo, ADP, Office 365, helpdesk, security awareness, and others. I’ll also work to identify future-focused projects and initiatives with the leadership teams and refine and prioritize a portfolio of projects along with a timeline and strategy for delivering them.

When you are not thinking of IT, how do you spend your free time?

Living in Augusta keeps me endlessly busy with yard work. I’ve been collecting vintage cars for about 30 years now and have built up a collection of cars ranging from 1957 to 1996.  I maintain them myself and do some restoration work.   I also enjoy motorcycles and will ride my Ducati any chance I get!    I help my wife with her volunteer therapy dog organization (Love on a Leash). We also enjoy watching movies and going to trivia nights.