HBM Team Gives Holiday Support to Greater St. Louis’s Neediest

Giving back to the community is important to us individually and as a company, particularly at the holidays, when giving and gratitude are in the air.

We were honored again this year to participate in supporting one of the 100 Neediest Cases identified by United Way of Greater St. Louis. Led by the Human Resources team, HBM team members rallied to the aid of a single mother and her two teenage sons. The mom took on more work hours this year, but ironically that led to financial difficulties in paying bills and feeding her family as a result of the family losing financial assistance.

Thanks to the generosity of our team members, we were able to provide basics like winter clothing, housewares, and supplies for the whole family, and some fun gifts too. We purchased gift cards for places like GameStop, Walmart and Target, board games, sporting equipment, and some Xbox 360 sports games to bring the family a little more holiday cheer this season.

It was our privilege to be able to support this family through Big Brothers Big Sisters (itself a United Way agency). We hope everyone will be able to find time in this holiday season to lend some warmth and care to those among us who need it most.