HBM Proudly Supports U.S. Veterans in More Ways than One

Mike DeCola, HBM’s CEO and President, receives the Order of the Bear Award for outstanding contributions to the Olin Veterans Association.

We are passionate about hiring veterans and have aligned ourselves with Olin Veterans Association (OVA). The OVA was established to assist veteran students transition successfully into the business world. The program offers veterans an opportunity to earn a MBA (full, part-time and Executive) and then works with them to identify employment opportunities within the greater St. Louis area. Similar to the OVA, we recognize the skills and leadership capabilities veterans possess and believe they are a valuable asset to our company.

In the past year, we have hired two U.S. Army veterans into our Accelerated Development programCharles Mullenger and JB Cromwell. Their skill set and aptitude to grasp new concepts and react to unpredictable situations makes them excellent candidates for our rigorous program. We look forward to continuing to welcome veterans to our team this summer with three Summer Associates.

Each year, the OVA honors a person who has made significant contributions to the program at their annual dinner gala.  Mike DeCola, current OVA Advisory Board member, was the 2018 recipient of the “Order of the Bear” Award for his contributions to the program. “I am humbled to receive this great honor,” commented Mike.  “Moreso, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with these brave men and women who faithfully served our great country.”

We look forward to continuing to work with the OVA to assist veterans transition from military service to the business world.