HBM Implements ADP Vantage for Enhanced Payroll and Employee Services

Thanks to the hard work that included many members of the HBM and Mississippi Lime Company (“MLC”) Human Resources and Technology groups, HBM is pleased to announce that we are live with the new ADP Vantage payroll and employee service tool. The ADP Vantage system allows for the management of core Human Resources data that includes recruiting, onboarding for new hires, benefits, compensation, performance reviews, learning management and payroll.

HBM began working on the ADP Vantage project implementation in December 2017, and the first paychecks through ADP Vantage were cut in September for both companies, marking off a successful implementation of the system. By this time next year, ADP will be implemented across all HBM companies.

Why an enterprise-wide rollout of ADP?

This enterprise-wide rollout is a strategic move to enable a robust human capital solution to be utilized across HBM’s portfolio companies. Most portfolio companies do not have full-scale HR system tools available to them, and ADP Vantage represents an upgrade opportunity.

Having the ADP system across the portfolio also allows for succession planning and talent sharing across the enterprise by providing organizational visibility into our inventory of talent, employee educational profiles, professional accomplishments, training records and other relevant data.

How will ADP benefit employees?

HBM and portfolio company employees will see many benefits from the new ADP system, which will include:

  • Self-service capability
  • Individualized log-ins and accounts
  • Project team visibility across HBM’s enterprise companies
  • Employee dashboard and profile, with the ability to add and update personal information
  • Useful documents, including Employee Handbooks and company-specific forms
  • Enterprise-wide job board of all openings across the portfolio

The implementation of ADP Vantage also facilitated an opportunity for the HR and Finance teams to “take stock” of some of our processes and evaluate them for efficiency and relevance. Putting ADP into place also gave our HR and Finance teams across the enterprise a chance to collaborate, to share best practices, and to team up as part of the implementation process.