HBM Holdings Featured in Middle Market Growth’s Summer Issue

In the summer issue of Middle Market Growth magazine, HBM Holdings and Tru-Flex discuss how HBM’s patient capital approach to investing has helped Tru-Flex execute on their long-term business strategy.

LinkedIn PhotoWe are pleased to share The Patient Investor article which is featured in the summer edition of Middle Market Growth magazine.  The piece outlines how our patient capital approach differs from that of a traditional private equity firm. We look to partner with our portfolio companies for the long-term, and that longer time horizon allows us to think strategically about capital deployment.

Tru-Flex’s story is a testament to how we invest.  With our financial support, Tru-Flex has taken advantage of our long-term horizon by successfully executing two acquisitions with an eye on the future.  Because we intend to hold our portfolio companies for the long-term, our companies can make operating decisions that focus years down the road rather than only on short-term results.

In addition to capital, we assist our portfolio companies through human capital development, strategic planning and technological initiatives.  Talent development is particularly a high priority and we thrive on identifying and developing across our entire organization.  As an example, our Accelerated Development program allows recent MBA graduates to get hands-on experience with strategic projects at our portfolio companies over a two-year period.  After the two-year rotation, our goal is to place the Associates within one of our portfolio companies.

HBM’s goal is to assist our portfolio companies in achieving success over decades through financial, strategic and human capital support.  We welcome any thoughts you have regarding the article or our investment approach.

You can download the article here.