HBM Holdings and Aerofil Technology Featured in Spray Technology March 2018 Edition

We are excited to share the Spray Technology & Marketing March edition, featuring Aerofil Technology and HBM in the A Good Year’s Work article.  The article delves into the factors underpinning HBM’s acquisition of Aerofil in late 2017 and why Lean manufacturing practices are a key component of Aerofil’s growth.

When announcing the acquisition, Mike DeCola, CEO of HBM said, “It was clear to us from the beginning that Aerofil’s culture of continuous improvement and laser-focus on delivering value to its customers – along with an ambitious strategic plan for growth – made it a great fit for HBM.”

Aerofil’s Lean manufacturing practices is a key component to its growth and high customer retention. They have been able to implement a tech-enabled process that reduces inventory by continuously evaluating their customers’ product demand.   Aerofil Senior Vice President of Operations, Joe Sonderman, discusses the company’s Lean manufacturing journey in a recent blog post.