HBM Family Rings Out 2018 with Burger Battle Royale

Over the summer, our own HBM IT pros from across the portfolio gathered to meet and – more importantly – crown the Best Burger Grillers.

That was a nice test run, but we knew it was only a start. For this year’s HBM holiday party, we went back to the folks at Weber Grill and told them we needed to determine HBM’s top burger grillers.

The December 18th event featured bowling and the Burger Battle. Teams had 30 minutes to channel their wannabe ‘Chopped’ contestant skills and prepare the perfect hamburger for the competition judges, the Weber Grill Chefs. At stake: A whole year of bragging rights, and a giant target on their backs as the other teams try to up their games for the 2019 competition.

We’re proud to announce that the team consisting of Don Roberts, Mike Chill, Isaac Tipton, and Justin Lammert took top honors with their slightly seasoned burger topped off with a fried egg (recipe below). If you’re hosting a cookout next spring or summer, you might want to make sure one of these guys is available to man the grill for you!

In addition to the competition, participants had a chance to make their own burger for dinner.

Competition and games are always fun, but by far the best reason to gather was the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with our “work family” and toast the successes of another year. We look forward to more fun and great achievements in 2019!

The HBM Winning Burger Recipe:

Lightly season the hamburger meat with Worcestershire sauce, salt, and black pepper.

Grill the burger to your temperature preference on a Weber grill.

Lightly toast a brioche bun and add butter.

Top the burger with a pickle, lettuce, tomato, caramelized white onion, a fried egg over medium, cheddar, and BBQ sauce.

Enjoy with friends and family!


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