HBM Continues to Invest in People

Talent Development is a strategic priority for HBM. We offer internships, focused leadership development and host enterprise-wide Talent Summits where we bring our high-performance employees together to challenge them to “Elevate” their expectations for company results and for individual performance.

In 2020, we will continue to invest in opportunities for our leaders to learn and grow through our partnership with DDI. The primary focus for this year will be on self-awareness and effective communication with our front-line leaders across the organization. These leaders are the ones that keep our operations running and who represent an integral part of the team.

We were proud to kick off our program with our managers at Aerofil Technology. During this half-day session, the group had an opportunity to learn more about their personal leadership style and how to flex their style when working with others.  We discussed the challenge of making the move from peer to boss and three Leadership Differentiators that are critical for success. We ended the afternoon by talking through scenarios our leaders face every day and how they plan to apply what they learned.

We are energized by this kickoff event, and eager to continue our Front-Line Leadership program with a session at Mississippi Lime Company where we’ll focus on Communicating for Leadership Success and Providing Effective Feedback.