HBM Announces European expansion of Tru-Flex

Tru-Flex Further Expands Into Europe – Adds Manufacturing Plant in Poland Deputy Prime Minister of Poland in attendance at groundbreaking ceremony

UJAZD, POLAND – Tru-Flex, LLC is expanding in Europe. The company announced last week the construction of a new factory in Poland. Tru-Flex sp. z o.o. is expected to begin production of flexible elements for exhaust systems for on- and off-road commercial vehicles in Ujazd, Poland beginning in mid-2015. The Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, Janusz Piechoci?ski, was a guest at the groundbreaking ceremony, and said he believes the partnership with Tru-Flex, LLC will position Poland better in the automotive sector.
Tru Flex Expansion 1Paul Knaapen, Managing Director of Tru-Flex Europe, interviewed by local media in Poland at the ceremony.
Paul Knaapen, Managing Director of Tru-Flex Europe, said the company is investing in Poland for numerous reasons. “Poland has a stable economy, good technical resources and a favorable investment climate. The global market is developing rapidly and Poland is a valuable location for building our products for the European commercial truck market and other industries,” he said.

“Tru-Flex believes that our partnership with the city of Ujazd and the Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSSE) will be crucial in moving our company forward in Europe and elsewhere,” he added. Michael A. DeCola, CEO of HBM Holdings, added, “We are excited that Tru-Flex is our first portfolio company to expand production of our products into the global marketplace as we begin production at our first plant outside of the U.S.”Tru Flex Expansion 2

Since 1962, Tru-Flex, LLC has been the leader in the design and manufacture of stripwound and corrugated flexible metal hose.

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About Tru-Flex, LLC

Headquartered in West Lebanon, IN, Tru-Flex is the leader in the design and manufacture of stripwound interlocked and corrugated flexible metal hoses. Its product line spans across many industrial applications and flexible metal exhaust uses, with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations located around the world.

About HBM Holdings

HBM Holdings (https://hbmholding.wpengine.com) is a St. Louis-based, privately held company that acquires, builds, and operates middle-market businesses. HBM’s mission is to build value and manage the risk profile of its portfolio by investing in markets with attractive long-term fundamentals.

The company focuses on acquiring product-centric businesses with strong current or potential market positions within identifiable niche markets and then using its deep general management and functional expertise, strong balance sheet, and long-term strategic perspective to create value both organically and through bolt-on acquisitions.

HBM Holdings currently has three portfolio companies – Mississippi Lime Company (St. Louis, MO; legacy business), Delavau (Philadelphia, PA; acquired 2012), and Tru-Flex (West Lebanon, IN; acquired 2013) – and is actively targeting new platform opportunities with between $5 million and $15 million in EBITDA.