EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Weekend Extravaganza

Mike DeCola – and by extension HBM Holdings – was named a finalist and winner of the Central Midwest Region at this year’s EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Mike DeCola, CEO, and Don Roberts, SVP Corporate Development, both attended the national EY award ceremony in California late November.  Both Mike and Don reported that EY did a spectacular job in assembling some of the best minds in business today.  Sharing stories of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, along with just a few political conversations thrown in for good measure (as pictured – Mike with Karl Rove and Howard Dean) – the weekend was a grand celebration of the risk-takers and dreamers that help to shape the future of the U.S. economy.

Some of the most successful start-ups over the past decade (and beyond) presented their trials and tribulations – companies Fitbit, Blue Apron, and National Award Winner, Bill Marriott. These conversations led to some serious ‘a ha’ moments from most in the audience.

EY also invited some superstar and well-known celebrities including Jack Nicklaus (Don’s favorite), Barbara Corcoran, Simon Sinek, Steve Case, and Andy Taylor.

Mike has always made it clear that this award may be in his name, but it is not about him.  He is always quick in suggesting that the award is really for HBM Holdings and the entire team should feel extremely proud of this great accomplishment.  He even goes further in recognizing Mississippi Lime’s founder as well in this quote:

“This award is recognition of the vision and hard work of our founder, Harry B. Mathews, Jr. and the thousands of employees that have helped us grow and flourish over the last 109 years. It is truly an honor for me to represent all of them, as well as our exceptional leadership teams.” – Mike DeCola, CEO