Monthly Archives: October 2019

Leading Change into the Future of Work

  The concept of change, whether it be big or small, in our personal or professional lives, can often be overwhelming. In fact, many of us are downright resistant to it. At our recent Talent Summit, HBM employees heard a presentation on “Leading Change into the Future of Work,” by Peter Boumgarden, PhD. Peter is […]

“Stop Acting Your Age!”

When was the last time someone told you that? Mothers all over the world have been telling their children the exact opposite. At our recent Talent Summit, keynote speaker Matt Havens encouraged attendees to do just that by taking themselves out of their own generational biases to learn from co-workers of all ages in the […]

CEO Panel: The path to leadership and lessons learned along the way

At our recent Talent Summit, the CEOs of HBM’s portfolio companies participated in a panel to discuss their unique professional journeys. Many factors have shaped their paths to success, and the panel was an interactive way to learn more about each CEO’s background, leadership style and management approach. The panel was asked a wide variety […]